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Culinary artists, also sometimes known as culinarians, work in a wide variety of environments, all of them focused on the craft of creating beautiful and delicious food. Such professionals include experts like chefs, cooks, restaurant managers, bakers and caterers. Chefs and head cooks are typically charged with the responsibility of making sure that their fellow chefs are cooking quickly and properly, and they lead their culinary environment by their depth of culinary technique, impressive level of creativity, extensive food savvy, and consistent expertise in putting out satisfying and aesthetically pleasing plates.

Traditional kitchens have system of rank imported from the culinary traditions of France. At the top of the heap is the executive chef, or the chef de cuisine; these are the top professionals in the kitchen for whom diners come to the restaurant, and these chefs sometimes even have their own television shows or other celebrity ventures. At the bottom of the ranking are the line cooks and chefs de garde manger, the professionals who actually do the cooking duties. Other positions that center in the culinary world include food writers, food photographers, culinary entrepreneurs, and teachers in the culinary arts.

The educational path for a career in the culinary arts almost always involves culinary school as a training ground in the techniques necessary to get brilliant work done. Food writers, photographers, managers, and entrepreneurs may opt to earn a bachelor's or master's in a relevant field first, and then later proceed to polish their education with courses in culinary school. Yet another pathway into this career field is through experience and learning on the job. This is most effective for those who begin in the culinary field at an early age. The job outlook for careers in the culinary arts naturally varies depending on the particular demands of the position. But chefs and head cooks, to provide an example, will not be experiencing immense growth in terms of the number of available posts in the future.

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Accredited Colleges Offering Culinary Arts Degrees
Partner Colleges Annual Tuition Recommend Rate
Partner Colleges
Purdue University Global $11,581 - $16,246 36% (121 reviews)
217 Programs, 1 in Culinary Arts (view all)
Campuses: Online
  • AASBA - Hospitality Management
Arizona State University $15,691 - $27,372 86% (346 reviews)
282 Programs, 1 in Culinary Arts (view all)
Campuses: Online
  • BS in Business - Food Industry Management
Penn Foster Career School Not Provided 46% (145 reviews)
117 Programs, 3 in Culinary Arts (view all)
Campuses: Online
  • Caterer
  • Gourmet Cooking
  • Guest Service Agent
Full List Annual Tuition Recommend Rate
Full List (520)
Campuses: Queensbury
$9,511 100% (1 review)
Campuses: Graham, Burlington
$7,028 Add Review
Campuses: Albany
$4,848 Add Review
Campuses: Santa Maria
$6,784 100% (1 review)
Campuses: Everett, Somerset
$8,620 Add Review
Campuses: Alpena
$6,630 Add Review
Campuses: Alvin
$3,878 100% (1 review)
Campuses: Sacramento
$8,208 Add Review
Campuses: Tempe, Glendale, Scottsdale, Mesa, <span class='has-tip' title='... Phoenix'>...
$15,691 - $27,372 86% (346 reviews)
Campuses: Yuma, San Luis, Parker
$9,650 57% (7 reviews)
Campuses: Russellville
$12,528 83% (12 reviews)
Campuses: Vancouver
$14,818 - $19,750 15% (152 reviews)
Campuses: Asheville, Candler, Marshall
$8,746 100% (3 reviews)
Campuses: Ashland
$13,800 Add Review
Campuses: Online
Not Provided 60% (366 reviews)
Campuses: Online
Not Provided 100% (2 reviews)
Campuses: Athens
$4,930 100% (1 review)
Campuses: Atlanta
$4,952 Add Review
Campuses: Mays Landing
$7,851 33% (3 reviews)
Campuses: Coconut Creek, Hollywood
$4,209 Add Review
Campuses: Augusta, Grovetown, Thomson, Waynesboro
$4,930 Add Review
Campuses: Austin
$23,900 - $23,982 Add Review
Campuses: Boulder
$23,900 - $23,982 Add Review
Campuses: Austin, Cedar Park, Round Rock
$13,080 64% (22 reviews)
Campuses: Enid
$3,270 Add Review
Campuses: Flint
$9,360 0% (8 reviews)
Campuses: Muskegon
--- 0% (1 review)
Campuses: Cadillac, Port Huron, Auburn Hills, Clinton Township, <span class='has-tip' title='... Allen Park, Jackson, Owosso, Muskegon, Flint'>...
$9,360 55% (103 reviews)
Campuses: Bakersfield, Delano
$7,261 100% (1 review)
Campuses: Kenmore
$25,455 50% (8 reviews)

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