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The importance of what and how much people eat is a growing concern in the public today. Obesity and health conditions attributed to unhealthy weight are a huge concern. Portion sizes have increased, and delicious but dangerous processed foods have created a need for professionals who assist clients with healthier eating habits.

A career in nutrition supports those who want to eat healthy, many whom would like (or need) to lose weight. This work consists of planning programs that address issues related to food and nutrition, observing meal preparation, and supervising meals that are served. Clients with health conditions are supplied individual dietary modifications recommended to help alleviate illnesses or provide treatment for allergic reactions.

Nutrition careers are available in private business and public institutions like schools. By providing individual one-on-one client consultation, nutritionists can devise customized eating plans and give straightforward, meaningful guidance for struggling patients. Most careers in nutrition involve working in well-lit, well-ventilated, clean areas, but there may be occasions where the jobs occur in congested, hot kitchens.

Patience when advising others on their nutrition is important. Everyone changes habits differently, and there may be some added coaxing and inspirational attitude that nutritionists must possess for clients that are suffering from extreme difficulty with food addictions. The careers in nutrition that receive the highest pay are those that require specialized training. A salary is also benefited with an advanced degree and when the state's certification and other requirements are surpassed.

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Accredited Colleges Offering Nutrition Degrees
Partner Colleges Annual Tuition Recommend Rate
Partner Colleges
Purdue University Global $11,581 - $16,246 36% (121 reviews)
217 Programs, 1 in Nutrition (view all)
Campuses: Online
  • BS in Nutrition
Arizona State University $15,691 - $27,372 86% (346 reviews)
282 Programs, 3 in Nutrition (view all)
Campuses: Online
  • BS in Food and Nutrition Entrepreneurship
  • MS in Medical Nutrition
  • MS in Nutritional Science (Dietetics)
Liberty University $11,700 60% (280 reviews)
636 Programs, 4 in Nutrition (view all)
Campuses: Online
  • CTG: Nutrition
  • Master in Public Health: Nutrition
  • MS: Exercise Science and Wellness: Nutrition and Wellness
  • MS: Human Performance: Nutrition
Full List Annual Tuition Recommend Rate
Full List (665)
Campuses: Edinburg
$5,068 - $18,077 78% (9 reviews)
Campuses: Arlington
$25,152 71% (56 reviews)
Campuses: Austin
$36,744 94% (78 reviews)
Campuses: San Antonio
$19,168 89% (28 reviews)
Campuses: Galveston
$19,467 100% (1 review)
Campuses: Dallas
$17,011 Add Review
Campuses: Washington
$12,092 100% (4 reviews)
Campuses: San Antonio
$29,990 100% (7 reviews)
Campuses: Stockton
$46,346 100% (13 reviews)
Campuses: Vienna, Herndon
$13,884 Add Review
Campuses: Philadelphia
$39,994 100% (1 review)
Campuses: Salt Lake City
$28,127 100% (44 reviews)
Campuses: Burlington
$41,356 96% (24 reviews)
Campuses: Bothell
$35,475 100% (7 reviews)
Campuses: Seattle
$35,538 97% (113 reviews)
Campuses: Tacoma
$35,610 71% (14 reviews)
Campuses: Portland
$8,348 Add Review
Campuses: Madison
$34,783 98% (55 reviews)
Campuses: Milwaukee
$20,844 78% (41 reviews)
Campuses: Oshkosh
$15,160 100% (16 reviews)
Campuses: Kenosha
$15,378 71% (7 reviews)
Campuses: Platteville
$15,386 80% (10 reviews)
Campuses: River Falls
$15,586 100% (15 reviews)
Campuses: Stevens Point
$16,476 100% (9 reviews)
Campuses: Menomonie
$17,423 75% (12 reviews)
Campuses: Whitewater
$16,235 94% (16 reviews)
Campuses: Laramie
$16,827 90% (19 reviews)
Campuses: Online
$48,524 - $51,442 33% (3 reviews)
Campuses: Logan
$21,520 98% (50 reviews)
Campuses: Valparaiso
$38,760 92% (13 reviews)

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