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Video game design typically falls under the heading of software publishing and is often seen as a specialty belonging to computer applications software engineers. These designers are called upon to harness their skill set, involving both technical and creative capacities in order to develop interactive video gaming programs that potential consumers would deem attractive and worth the purchase. The process of creating a video game involves heavy doses of dynamic collaboration and a complex and sophisticated series of steps along the way. Brainstorming ideas, presenting basic conceptual models of those ideas, producing games, and testing them on sample customers are among the facets of the video game production experience. Designers are undeniably crucial to every tier of the process, however they are also cognizant that they are simply one component of the complex production cycle. Those who set their mind to specializing in video game design exhibit a great deal of experience in computer programming, involving languages like C++, Python, and Java.

An ideal education in video game design will involve a myriad range of subjects and disciplines. The obvious and most essential inclusions are computer science and software development. Yet other important and influential topics that students should expose themselves to are literature, art history, graphic design, and communications. The job outlook for video game design is stunning and phenomenal. Despite this unprecedented boom in employment, competition for the cushiest jobs in the sector will continue to be hot. In terms of salary, video game designers are often handsomely rewarded for their work. A strong reputation in the field could see a designer push into a six-figure salary.

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Accredited Colleges Offering Video Game Design Degrees
College Annual Tuition Recommend Rate
Campuses: Abilene
$39,350 95% (20 reviews)
Campuses: Seattle
$22,750 Add Review
Campuses: Reading
$27,678 50% (4 reviews)
Campuses: Washington D.C.
$53,334 84% (31 reviews)
Campuses: Anoka
$6,075 Add Review
Campuses: Littleton, Castle Rock, Parker
$15,502 100% (3 reviews)
Campuses: Russellville
$13,636 83% (12 reviews)
Campuses: Vancouver
$19,354 15% (152 reviews)
Campuses: Coconut Creek, Hollywood
$4,209 Add Review
Campuses: Minneapolis
$41,007 100% (6 reviews)
Campuses: Bellevue
$8,310 70% (66 reviews)
Campuses: Bennington
$59,638 100% (5 reviews)
Campuses: Paramus
$8,659 100% (3 reviews)
Campuses: Berkeley
$7,508 Add Review
Campuses: Lindsborg
$31,215 67% (3 reviews)
Campuses: Bloomsburg
$22,806 89% (9 reviews)
Campuses: Flat Rock
$8,795 Add Review
Campuses: Boise
$24,980 96% (28 reviews)
Campuses: Peoria
$36,360 100% (5 reviews)
Campuses: Lincroft
$9,554 0% (1 review)
Campuses: Chico
$19,744 100% (22 reviews)
Campuses: Milwaukee, Brookfield, Pleasant Prairie, Madison, <span class='has-tip' title='... Beloit, Jefferson, Wausau, Reedsburg'>...
$34,762 33% (3 reviews)
Campuses: Pittsburgh
$58,924 64% (11 reviews)
Campuses: Winston Salem, Winston-Salem
$14,400 100% (1 review)
Campuses: Charlotte
$8,936 100% (1 review)
Campuses: Burlington
$42,984 88% (8 reviews)
Campuses: Cleveland
$45,495 100% (2 reviews)
Campuses: Sunnyvale
$21,784 Add Review
Campuses: Santa Clarita
$8,682 100% (1 review)
Campuses: McKinney
$5,104 75% (4 reviews)

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