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A patient care technician provides critical support services to nurses and doctors in medical settings. Patient care technicians typically work directly with patients in hospital and clinic settings to offer assistance with their basic needs such as lifting objects, entering and exiting a bed or bathroom, and even personal care such as brushing their teeth. Patient care technicians typically have a great deal of direct contact with patients, and they also assist nurses with a variety of basic tasks, such as cleaning or monitoring a patient's needs and communicating directly with the nursing staff.

Patient care technicians occupy entry-level jobs within medical settings, and as such, they do not have extensive academic training. Most patient care technicians complete a program of study that focuses preparing them for employment. The length of study varies depending on the program. In some cases, a patient care technician will have an associate degree, but in many cases individuals enter programs directly from high school or a GED program.

Patient care technicians must possess excellent communication skills to work with ill and recovering patients. Programs teach students how to work in collaboration with nurses, doctors, and other hospital staff. They are also trained in basic emergency techniques such as first aid and CPR. While patient care technicians do not have direct responsibility for any patient's medical issues, they are key to providing comfort and support to patients during medical procedures or recovery.

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Accredited Colleges Offering Patient Care Technician Degrees
College Annual Tuition Recommend Rate
Campuses: Santa Maria
$8,994 100% (1 review)
Campuses: Iola, Burlingame
$3,108 Add Review
Campuses: Sacramento
$10,768 Add Review
Campuses: Manchester
$19,996 Add Review
Campuses: Blytheville, Burdette, Osceola, Paragould
$4,222 Add Review
Campuses: Newport, Marked Tree, Jonesboro
$4,416 Add Review
Campuses: Mountain Home
$4,632 Add Review
Campuses: Jefferson
$9,275 Add Review
Campuses: Baldwin Park
$2,280 Add Review
Campuses: Great Bend
$4,741 100% (1 review)
Campuses: Miami Beach, Lake Park
$14,017 Add Review
Campuses: Bossier City
$4,283 Add Review
Campuses: Tampa
$1,904 Add Review
Campuses: El Dorado
$6,011 Add Review
Campuses: Cathedral City
$29,000 Add Review
Campuses: San Antonio
$24,113 Add Review
Campuses: Alexandria, Cottonport, Leesville
$4,099 Add Review
Campuses: Albuquerque
$7,978 100% (3 reviews)
Campuses: Newark
$7,776 Add Review
Campuses: San Francisco
$12,244 100% (1 review)
Campuses: Concordia
$3,570 Add Review
Campuses: Clovis
$10,500 Add Review
Campuses: Flagstaff, Page
$9,492 Add Review
Campuses: Coffeyville
$4,608 Add Review
Campuses: Colby
$5,654 Add Review
Campuses: Monaca, Canonsburg
$19,170 Add Review
Campuses: Arkansas City
$5,700 Add Review
Campuses: Kaysville
$4,260 Add Review
Campuses: St. George
$3,298 Add Review
Campuses: Dodge City
$4,890 Add Review

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