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Network Administrators work with the design, construction, and maintenance of large computer systems. They are responsible for managing complex Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN) as well as intranet and Internet-based systems and network segments. All of this is done to support the information technology infrastructure of corporations, government agencies and other businesses that the network administrator works for.

Network administrators work in a wide range of settings from the IT department of the largest corporations to the smallest companies to government agencies. In all of these locations, administrators are responsible for installing and maintaining network hardware and software and evaluating system performance in order to address critical problems to allow for maximum capacity of network systems.

Although there are numerous levels of education available for network administration, most employers requires students to possess a Bachelor's Degree or better to begin work. Some place will hire network administrators with an Associates Degree or professional certification if they have relevant work experience to complement their education. Often, those who get an Associates Degree or Certification begin work as a Network Support Specialist first to gain relevant work experience before making it up to Network Administration. Bachelor's degree students can usually find work as a Network Administrator straight out of college.

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Accredited Colleges Offering Network Administration Degrees
Partner Colleges Annual Tuition Recommend Rate
Partner Colleges
Purdue University Global $14,358 36% (121 reviews)
276 Programs, 4 in Network Administration (view all)
Campuses: Online
  • AASIT - Network Administration
  • BS in Information Technology - Network Administration
  • ExcelTrack BS in Information Technology - Network Administration
  • MS in Cybersecurity Management
Grand Canyon University $17,800 51% (498 reviews)
284 Programs, 1 in Network Administration (view all)
Campuses: Online
  • MS in Information Technology
Liberty University $11,700 60% (280 reviews)
738 Programs, 3 in Network Administration (view all)
Campuses: Online
  • BS: Information Technology: Data Networking & Security
  • CERT: Data Networking
  • MS: Information Technology: Network Design & Security
Full List Annual Tuition Recommend Rate
Full List (239)
Campuses: Newtown
$13,298 40% (5 reviews)
Campuses: Leesburg
$13,336 Add Review
Campuses: Hartford
$13,508 100% (1 review)
Campuses: Malta
$13,530 Add Review
Campuses: Normal
$13,740 Add Review
Campuses: Bohemia, Albany, Amityville
$11,250 - $16,357 28% (81 reviews)
Campuses: Philadelphia
$13,896 100% (2 reviews)
Campuses: Madison, Kenosha
$14,200 77% (220 reviews)
Campuses: San Antonio
$14,220 100% (1 review)
Campuses: Indianapolis
$14,358 36% (121 reviews)
Campuses: Big Spring
$14,410 Add Review
Campuses: San Diego, National City, San Marcos
$14,585 20% (10 reviews)
Campuses: Decatur
$14,820 Add Review
Campuses: St. Louis
$14,889 Add Review
Campuses: St. Joseph
$14,940 100% (12 reviews)
Campuses: Blue Bell
$14,970 100% (1 review)
Campuses: Raleigh
$16,036 Add Review
Campuses: Newport News, Manassas, Richmond, Virginia Beach, <span class='has-tip' title='... Roanoke'>...
$16,639 48% (130 reviews)
Campuses: Washington D.C.
$16,995 Add Review
Campuses: Knoxville
$17,025 100% (3 reviews)
Campuses: Santa Rosa
$17,700 100% (1 review)
Campuses: Monaca, Canonsburg
$17,790 Add Review
Campuses: Phoenix
$17,800 51% (498 reviews)
Campuses: Minneapolis
$18,451 Add Review
Campuses: Virginia Beach
$18,620 61% (18 reviews)
Campuses: Morrisville
$18,780 80% (5 reviews)
Campuses: Clarksville, Murfreesboro, Nashville
$18,400 - $20,500 17% (23 reviews)
Campuses: Louisville
$19,740 21% (19 reviews)
Campuses: Lewiston
$19,978 100% (3 reviews)
Campuses: Toledo
$20,010 76% (21 reviews)

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