Accredited Colleges Offering Healthcare Administration Degrees

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Healthcare management is an increasingly attractive field. More and more business students are choosing this specialization because of their skill set, a desire to work in this unique and important industry, or an interest in working in a hospital or clinic rather than a traditional company. Healthcare management involves a variety of responsibilities, not limited to handling finances, approving budgets, filing claims, scheduling and training, and helping to shape a clinic or hospital's public image.

To help healthcare managers succeed in this line of work, healthcare management students study basic business principles, as well as those that are unique to the health care industry. They must have thorough knowledge of the healthcare system, specifically of the laws and policies governing health care and the way the insurance industry functions. Much of a healthcare manager's skills are acquired on site, so employers are impressed by candidates who apply with internships, work study, or volunteer experience in healthcare management.

All jobs in healthcare are expected to grow over the coming years, and healthcare management is no exception. Now is an excellent time to pursue a graduate degree in healthcare management, as students will likely find that an investment in education is a good choice.

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Accredited Colleges Offering Healthcare Administration Degrees
Partner Colleges Annual Tuition Recommend Rate
Partner Colleges
Ashford University $10,632 - $13,400 67% (667 reviews)
212 Programs, 17 in Healthcare Administration (view all)
Campuses: Online
  • BA/Health and Human Services
  • BA/Health and Human Services - Long-Term Care Specialization
  • BA/Health and Wellness
  • BA/Health Care Administration
Purdue University Global $11,581 - $16,246 36% (121 reviews)
213 Programs, 9 in Healthcare Administration (view all)
Campuses: Online
  • BS in Health Care Administration
  • ExcelTrack BS in Health Care Administration
  • Health Information Management
  • Master of Health Care Administration
Southern New Hampshire University Online $11,520 61% (345 reviews)
282 Programs, 8 in Healthcare Administration (view all)
Campuses: Online
  • BS Business Administration - Healthcare Administration
  • BS Healthcare Administration
  • BS Healthcare Administration - Health Information Management
  • BS Healthcare Administration - Patient Safety and Quality
Full List Annual Tuition Recommend Rate
Full List (1281)
Campuses: Orange Beach
$6,600 81% (166 reviews)
Campuses: Newport News, Manassas, Richmond, Glen Allen, <span class='has-tip' title='... Virginia Beach, Roanoke'>...
$15,051 48% (130 reviews)
Campuses: Mount Pleasant
$23,670 98% (40 reviews)
Campuses: Santa Ana
$4,725 91% (70 reviews)
Campuses: Orlando, Cocoa, Leesburg, Ocala, <span class='has-tip' title='... Clermont, Sanford, Palm Bay, Kissimmee'>...
$22,467 96% (171 reviews)
Campuses: Hayward
$18,714 96% (23 reviews)
Campuses: Buies Creek
$31,190 100% (7 reviews)
Campuses: Boca Raton
$17,276 85% (103 reviews)
Campuses: Miami
$18,954 89% (79 reviews)
Campuses: South Bend
$19,038 100% (5 reviews)
Campuses: State College
$33,664 93% (101 reviews)
Campuses: Birmingham
$19,032 96% (24 reviews)
Campuses: Minneapolis
$26,603 90% (76 reviews)
Campuses: Saint Joseph
$14,940 100% (12 reviews)
Campuses: Tempe, Glendale, Scottsdale, Mesa, <span class='has-tip' title='... Phoenix'>...
$15,691 - $27,372 86% (346 reviews)
Campuses: Auburn
$29,640 94% (35 reviews)
Campuses: Augusta
$23,606 90% (10 reviews)
Campuses: Bellevue
$7,752 70% (66 reviews)
Campuses: Orchard Park
$14,383 51% (72 reviews)
Campuses: Pasco, Bellingham, Vancouver, Fife
$21,908 25% (48 reviews)
Campuses: New London
$41,186 100% (1 review)
Campuses: Online
$22,400 38% (37 reviews)
Campuses: Cheyenne
$16,968 30% (37 reviews)
Campuses: Omaha
$38,750 94% (18 reviews)
Campuses: Bronx
$14,400 100% (8 reviews)
Campuses: Grand Rapids
$17,558 71% (14 reviews)
Campuses: Philadelphia
$52,002 79% (38 reviews)
Campuses: Online
$16,128 67% (82 reviews)
Campuses: Wichita
$27,565 100% (6 reviews)
Campuses: Fairfax
$34,370 82% (44 reviews)

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