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Web Design: Education and Career Options

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Web designers are frequently included into the category of other graphic designers, but these artists display a clear expertise and concentration on creating visually interesting work as it relates to the Internet and to web based media. The specialization has emerged and continued to boom as the Internet has exerted increasing importance on the way business is transacted, information is exchanged, and entertainment is experienced along the Information Superhighway. Web designers of great quality demonstrate particular skill in creating web pages that exude a large amount of accessibility and ease of use. Such web designers remember that a website should be open and ready to use by visitors throughout the world and via many new mediums, devices, and technologies. At the same time, aesthetics and beauty are also important in web development, especially for projects that involve the marketing and interaction with the public with a special product or idea. 

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Like other graphic artist hopefuls, web designers can benefit from multiple potential options to earn the education they need to create. The field is best for, and seems to attract a good amount of, students who can show both a love of artistic quality, great communications skills, and a passion for being on the cutting edge of technology. As the Internet continues to swell in impact and significance, web designers are enjoying a great period of desirability and demand in the profession. Depending on their level of education and experience, web designers can also bring in a rewarding salary for their services. (Guide to Career Education)

Education & Certification Requirements

All graphic designers, including web designers, must attain a high level degree in order to enter the industry. High school students aiming at this career field should show in their class records a passion for art and graphics, communication skills and techniques, computer skills, and reading comprehension. Those that choose to pursue an associate's degree will find themselves ready to enter the profession at the introductory level, potentially as an assistant to more experienced web designers. The bachelor's diploma in design is sufficent to be suitable for more rigorous job positions, which may be more rewarding and offer more pay. Students in graphics design programs should specifically concentrate on this field in order to best prepare themselves. If students can also begin to shape particular specializations in their career path, they will also enable their resumes to appear more marketable upon entering the job market. 

Master's degrees are best for those who anticipate an urge to potentially serve as web managment and design heads, or to lead their own organizations. Those who choose to earn a Ph.D in the field can find themselves open to similar scenarios, as well as delving into research and teaching opportunities. As of yet, there is no standard requirement for certification of professionals who choose to enter the graphics design or web design field. However, it is recommended that students ensure their institution of choice has been accredited and approved by a noteworthy organization. The National Association of Schools of Art and Design is an excellent source as an authority on quality accredited programs. (BLS, Guide to Career Education)

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