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Scholarships for Gunsmithing Students

Unlike loans which have to be paid back to the lender, scholarships are worth seeking as the awarding organization does not expect the recipient to repay the amount awarded. Scholastic achievement, special talents and financial need are some of the criteria often used in selection of applicants for scholarship awards. A good way to get started on a scholarship search for your gunsmithing education is by exploring organizations in the field. Local libraries and the internet are often good sources of information on scholarship availability. It is also a good idea to enquire about scholarship awards from your program as some organizations make scholarship awards to specific schools. Below are some scholarships available for students enrolled in gunsmithing programs.

American Custom Gunmakers Guild Education Foundation (ACGGEF)

The American Custom Gunmakers Guild (ACGG) is a nonprofit trade association with a strong commitment to promoting custom gunmaking in the US. The ACGG promotes excellence in custom gunmaking through its educational foundation, the ACGGEF. Through its scholarship program, the ACGGEF helps gunsmithing students to meet their educational costs. Applicants for the scholarship award are expected to demonstrate an interest in the area of custom gunmaking. Photographs of custom work performed by the applicant must be submitted along with the application.

American Pistolsmiths Guild (APG)

To demonstrate its commitment to supporting gunsmithing students, the APG offers scholarships to help students meet their training expenses. Applicants must have completed at least half of their coursework in order to apply. APG scholarships are merit-based. A personal statement detailing educational and career goals, major accomplishments and extracurricular activities must be submitted along with the application. Scholarship applicants are also required to submit 2 reference letters from faculty members who can attest to their scholastic potential. An amount of $500 is offered to students who fall within the top 10 percent performers in their class. Scholarship recipients are at liberty to spend the award on any area of their educational expenses.

Brownells Gunsmithing Scholarships

Brownells is the largest supplier of ammunition, firearm components, gunsmithing tools and accessories in the world. Through its scholarship program, Brownells offers financial support to gunsmithing students enrolled in specific institutions, to help them meet their educational expenses. Brownells also supports the American Custom Gunmakers Guild Education Foundation (ACGGEF) in its scholarship initiative by contributing to the ACGGEF Benefactor’s Club. 

National Rifle Association (NRA) Foundation

The NRA Foundation administers various scholarship programs to support students keen on a gunsmithing career. Scholarship awards from the foundation help students to meet their educational expenses and allow them to participate in events that promote their knowledge in the field.


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