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Helpful Resources for Cosmetology Students & Professionals

Cosmetology involves several specialties dealing with beauty. There are various occupations that a cosmetologist can apply themselves to. These careers include hairdressers, barbers, makeup artists, skin care specialists, massage therapy consultants, manicurists, nail technicians, and model or acting consultants. Persons looking to pursue a career in cosmetology need to go through six to twelve months of private or vocational cosmetology schooling. They need to become licensed in the area they are going to be working in. The requirements for cosmetology licenses vary from state to state.

General Career Information

  • Cosmetology Career Guide: Provides information on cosmetology careers, including the requirements and the basic job duties for each position.
  • Cosmetologist Career Video: Videos about cosmetology careers, along with information on various cosmetology schools, salaries, careers, and licensing requirements.
  • Beauty School & Cosmetology School: Valuable information on the cosmetology career and what to expect. Information on certification, licensing, career options, and schooling for this field of study.

Hair Design

Nail Treatment

  • Hooked on Nails: Articles about nails for nail techs and interested individuals. Topics include nail care, manicures, pedicures, nail disorders, acrylic nails, and more.

Make Up Application

Skin Care

Cosmetology Associations

  • The Professional Beauty Association (PBA): The (PBA) provides information for all cosmetology students and those interested in pursuing a career in cosmetology. The site offers information on how to become a cosmetologist and offers an opportunity to discuss topics with others.
  • American Association of Cosmetology: The AAC provides cosmetology information for students and curious individuals. Information on certification, schooling, licensing, obtaining a career, and scholarship information is available.
  • Aesthetic International Association: Provides human, business, and educational resources to cosmetologists across the world. Updated information allows cosmetologists to keep up on certification and licensing requirements.
  • Cosmetologists of America: This association provides resources for cosmetologist to get the information they need for their salon.
  • Association of Cosmetology Salon Professionals: Keeps the cosmetologist updated on the rules and regulations of salons, licensing, and certification. Provides community service outreach programs for salons who would like to gain exposure, while providing for their community.
  • NACCAS: The National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences provides an opportunity for cosmetologists to visit workshops throughout the year to improve their art. \Also includes information on licensing and certification requirements.

Cosmetology Scholarships & Grants

Certification in Cosmetology 

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